Welcome at www.quintestate.com


Welcome at www.quintestate.com


whether you want a home, a second residence, a base for your business or a sound investment, we can guide you towards success

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The experience and expertise of Quintestate extends not only to finding key properties and investment opportunities, but also to effectively marketing and presenting them to a qualified international clientele.

Personalised Sales Consultancy

All our different services draw on an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of property markets in general and the specifics of local ones in particular, but our dedicated sales divisions are comprised of experts in marketing, property promotion, valuation and sales. Their results speak for themselves, which is why we have a proud track record of being instructed by prime homeowners, developers and commercial investors to market and sell their property assets.

Our local and international networks along with an in-depth understanding of both conventional and modern online marketing channels enable us to effectively market and promote your property to the right audience, focusing our efforts not on mass-exposure but on the kind of clearly targeted presentation that produces results. Added to our marketing strategy is an international client base and professional network built up over many years, which we put at your disposal.

Contact us if you wish to sell your property. We provide a free initial consultation and valuation without obligation



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